Give your clothes a second life!

Repurpose, refashion and repair all sorts of clothes with Baffi, the upcycling marketplace.

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Sweatshirt upcycled into a backpack.

What happens to clothes put in donation boxes?

Old clothes ending in a landfill.
Most of these clothes end up being shipped to developing countries.

Here, around 80% of them are incinerated or dumped in landfills.

With Baffi, you can increase the life of your clothes by upto 3 years.

What can be made out of your clothes?

"It feels good to know that my clothes continue to be a part of someone else's life!
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Support the local economy

Picture of Safina, a sewist who earns extra income with Baffi.
We empower people like Safina to earn a side income!

Your old clothes are given to sewists like her who repurpose them into different items and then sell them on Baffi.

By buying upcycled goods, you directly help people like her be more independent.

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