A seed!

The idea is simple.

Build a marketplace that fosters the culture of upcycling.

Before Baffi, people used to put their clothes in donation boxes, not knowing what happens to their clothes.

We not only make it transparent for people such that they know what happens to their clothes, we also actively help sewing hobbyists.

We find these sewing hobbyists in the form of housewives, grandmothers or other sewing enthusiasts who actively upcycle fabrics at home. We empower such superheroes to form the true basis of circular economy.

Meet our team!

Sarah Mensing, Cofounder at Baffi

Sarah Mensing

The Publicist.

I try to understand people.
Bachelor's in Advertising and Market Communication, HDM Stuttgart.

Hitesh Godhwani, Cofounder at Baffi

Hitesh Godhwani

The Hustler.

Passionate about creating an impact.
Master's in Computational Sciences, TU Braunschweig.

Rozela Franco, Cofounder at Baffi

Rozela Franco

The Designer.

I humanize technology.
Master's in Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industry, AMD Berlin.

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