Eulalia Walker

What to do with old clothes?

Take a close look at your wardrobe.

There, you will find different type of outfits.
Some pieces of clothing that you've reserved for your work. Some that you keep for wearing at home. While others for special occasions. And yet, in the deep dark corners, you will find clothes that you no longer wear. Maybe they don't fit you anymore. Maybe they've got a stain that you cannot get rid of. Maybe they don't look so well anymore. Or maybe you just got bored of wearing them.


It is time to tackle this problem.

Now you can do a couple of things.

You can turn them into rags for your home. But you already have enough rags. Maybe, the fabric is way too good for rag material.

You can donate them by putting it into old clothes containers. But most of these clothes are exported to developing countries in South East Asia and Africa.

Globally, only about 20% of these clothes end up to people in need. The rest 80% end up either being incinerated(fancy way of saying burnt) or end up in landfills.

You can always sell them. If they are in good condition, there are plenty of apps like Vinted, MädchenFlohmarkt, Depop, etc. where you can list your clothes and interested people will buy them. But maybe you don't have the time to do all that. Maybe you don't have the right background to make your clothes look interesting.

Well then, Baffi can help.

We give your clothes a second life. We either sell them on second hand platforms on your behalf or sell them to sewists for upcycling.

But what is upcycling? You might have heard of recycling, but what is upcycling?

Upcycling is reusing or repurposing old clothes and fabrics to create items that have more value than their original fabric. It involves a lot of patience, creative ideas and high level sewing skills.

The result: You get an article that is not only unique and handmade, but also matching in color since one piece of fabric gets upcycled into a number of articles that look the same.

Are you intrigued?
Check out the Baffi marketplace and do your part in reducing your impact.