You give us clothes. We give you money.

For every kg of clothing that you give us, we give you €1. On top of that, we collect the clothes from your house for free.

Give away clothes
Earn money by getting rid of your old clothes.

Upcycling is easy!

There are two ways to upcycle clothes with Baffi.

Case 1 is where you give your clothes to us and we take care of the upcycling.

Case 2 is when you want to have personalized requests for upcycling clothes in a certain way. Both the cases are explained below:

Case 1: The usual way

Get started

Click here to get started.

2. Pick up

We mail you to set up an appointment for pickup of your clothes.

3. Reward

After assessing your clothes, you get rewards which you can use for buying upcycled items.

Case 2: Personalized requests

We're in Stuttgart!

Baffi providing its service in Stuttgart.
We are currently taking orders from people based only in Stuttgart.

So if you are 0711, spread the message.
Give away clothes