the rating platform for conscious consumers.

are you confused by sustainability claims while buying clothes? we provide a rating to help you make better decisions.

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buy more clothes from us... something we would never tell you.

our planet has limited resources.
we acknowledge that.

but whenever you decide to buy.
our rating system helps you make better decisions.

how do these ratings work?

what's in it for you?

we upcycle too!

are you good in sewing?
earn money by upcycling old clothes into shopping bags & pillow cases.

do you have clothes in your closet that you no longer wear?
give them a second life by upcycling them into shopping bags & napkins.

we provide a marketplace that connects tailors and sewers with people who want to reduce their waste.

about Baffi

Founder Baffi Hitesh Godhwani

Hitesh Godhwani
Founder, Baffi

we @Baffi have a mission.
we make customers conscious of their consuming habits.

the journey of Baffi began when Hitesh heard a speech in Stuttgart Toastmasters Club about clothes.

he was shocked to find that it takes 1.500 liters of water to make one cotton t-shirt.

the next few months, he researched the impact of other fibers and the problems that plague the fashion industry.

amazed to see how every other brand use sustainability as a marketing gimmick, he decided to launch Baffi.

Baffi's vision is to serve as a genetic code for conscious consumerism.

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frequently asked questions

Why upcycle?
What can I upcycle?
How to prepare clothes for upcycling?
How much does it cost?
Can I just  get rid of my old clothes?
Can I also use the marketplace for repairing or repurposing my clothes?
How does the upcycling marketplace works?
Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?
My doubt is not listed here.

upcycling is easy

if you want your clothes to be upcycled:

1. create profile

share pictures of the clothes that you want to get upcycled.

2. connect

we connect you with sewists who can upcycle your clothes.
finalize the price & we collect the clothes for free.

3. pay

we deliver the upcycled articles to you and you pay only if you are satisfied.

start upcycling

if you can upcycle clothes:

1. create profile

share pictures of your work and clothes that you can upcycle.

2. connect

we connect you with people looking for your service.
finalize the price & we bring the clothes to you for free.

3. earn

deliver the upcycled article and earn money.

start upcycling