Turn your hobby into a side hustle!

Receive old clothes for free, upcycle and sell them on your virtual store.

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Sewist upcycling clothes with Baffi.

Upcycling is easy!

There are two ways to upcycle clothes as a sewist.

Case 1 is where you receive clothes from Baffi for free and then you upcycle them using your creativity.

Case 2 is when you receive personalized requests from customers for upcycling clothes in a certain way. Both the cases are explained below:

Case 1: The usual way

Case 2: Personalized requests

1. Connect

Based on your work, customers can personally request you to upcycle their clothes. In that case, you will receive their message in your inbox.

2. Upcycle

After confirming the order, you will receive the delivery. Upcycle the clothes as per the request.

3. Earn money

Deliver the upcycled items. You receive the money once the delivery is completed.

For social companies

Social enterprise working with Baffi to upcycle clothes.
If you are a social company with a dedicated section for sewing, we would be pleased to work with you.

Our aim is to help people get financially stable while simultaneously solving the problem of waste in the fashion industry.

Please contact us using the link given below: